How Event Competitors are Judged?

Teams will consist of six competitors plus a spare (optional alternate - gender for gender) who may replace an injured teammate for the duration of the competition.

Note For a description of the event rules, click the specific event below for the rules and regulations.


Each team member competes in 4 core team events, 1 core doubles event and 1 core singles event. There are 13 core events thus every team member competes equally.

Pool Events

These events can be offered by schools but are not counted in the overall C.I.L.A. Cup standings.

Safety Equipment Required for Competitors by Colour Code

Appropriate competition attire: long pants, shirt & work boots. Competitors who are not wearing appropriate logger sports attire will not be allowed to compete until dressed appropriately. Failure to comply is considered to be showboating. Showboating will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification.

  Red Events Chain Saw Full Assembly required: Hearing protection, eye protection, ballistic nylon safety pants or chaps, and steel toe work boots.
  Amber Events Underhand chop / Standing Block / Quarter Split Long pants must be worn and athletes must be protected by steel from their toes to and including their shins. For Underhand Chop & Quarter Split, competitors must either wear chain mail in conjunction with CSA approved steel toed footwear or the metal/aluminum guards securely fastened. For Standing Block Chop, CSA approved catchers pad that covers the foot and ankle to the top of the knee overtop of chain mail must be worn on the leg closest to the chopping stanchion.
  Blue Events Swede Saw / Super Swede Saw Long pants and gloves. Leather work glove on hand holding swede saw handle.
  Blue Events Water Boil Long pants and a chainmail glove on the block holding hand. Fire blanket must be on site for emergency purposes.
  Green Events Log Decking / Pole Climb / Axe Throw / Pulp Throwing / Crosscut / Single Buck Competitors must wear long pants.