Event: Echo Challenge Rules

Core Team Event Safety Code Green
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Echo Challenge Rules (updated May 2018)

CILA members must declare ECHO participants four days following the 3rd competition of the season.
Members must submit head and shoulders pics to the host of the ECHO Challenge by the Friday of the week prior  to the final competition.
Events in the Challenge include – single buck, chain saw and underhand  chop
Safety rules must be followed as listed by event in CILA Rules
If an injury occurs before the start of the Challenge – no event has been held, which prevents the original participant from competing , a substitute shall be permitted .
If an injury occurs during one of the three events, and before completion of all three events,and the participant cannot continue for personal and event safety, there will be no substitution allowed.

Echo Challenge winners (1 male and 1 female) shall be awarded a chain saw as provided by ECHO.