Event: Triathlon

Core Pool Event Safety Code Green
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Event: Triathlon

Core pool event/Safety Code Green

  1. The event will be timed from the "GO" signal until the competitor has completed the cross country running course of approximately 1 km (0.6 miles).
  2. At the "GO" signal the competitor will throw an axe at a target from a distance of 3 metres. He/she will not start running the course until the axe has stuck in the target once. Upon hitting the target, the competitor will place their axe in a pre-determined axe holding area.
  3. At the halfway point of the running course, each competitor will make three (3) cuts of a 20cms x 20cms (8 x 8 inches) cant with a swede saw.
  4. Upon completing the running course competitors are required to retrieve their axe and throw the axe at the target at the beginning/end of the course.
  5. Time will stop when they have once again stuck the axe in the target.
  6. Competitors do not run with axes on the course and swede saws must remain at the sawing portion of the course. 
  7. Safety rules apply to each section/component of the Triathlon.
  8. Competitors starting prior to GO, shall be disqualified.