Event: Choker Race

Core Pool Event Safety Code Green
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Choker Race

Pool Singles Event/ Safety Code Green

  1. The size of the chokers and the arrangement of the logs are the option of the show.
  2. Starting log and setting log will be the same log and shall be raised four feet off the ground. Time starts on "Go". Contestants leave the setting log, race over center obstacles, get choker, race back over obstacles, set choker on the starting log and return to touch closest obstacle log. Time stops when the contestant touches the closest obstacle log. Judges will test each set choker by slowly pulling on the choker. A choker set not properly made will be a disqualification. Setting the nubin on the wrong side of the choker bell is also a disqualification.
  3. Footwear of the contestants own choosing may be worn
  4. Contestants may not "lasso" choker around the end of the set log.
  5. Shows should not arrange a choker race in a manner that is hazardous for the contestant.
  6. Competitors should have at least a 12 foot wide lane each.
  7. Starting prior to the “GO” will results in a disqualification.
  8. If making 2 courses, (ex: Head to Head races) both courses should be measured and be the same length. If there is a course that turns left and the other right, contestants could  “Flip a coin” to see who gets which course, or the organizing committee can assign heat sheets as per the drawing of the wood number.
  9. All efforts must be made to make both courses as equal as possible, so no competitors have an advantage.