Event: Accuracy Cut

Core Pool Event Safety Code Red
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Event:  Accuracy Cut 

Pool Singles Event

Safety Code Red


  1. Corral must be a safe distance from the spectators and only competing athletes, event judge and timer are permitted inside.
  2. The competitor's hands must be resting on the line drawn on the top of the block and must not move prior to the starting signal. All eight (8) fingers must be resting on or over the drawn line.
  3. No one will be permitted to hold the log during the event.
  4. The saw must be started in a safe manner. If drop started, it will result in disqualification.
  5. If the saw cuts off after the competitor touches it, it must be re-started and the cut completed. The judge will determine if the saw is faulty. If so, a new saw is introduced and a new cut will be made. If the saw is good, then the time will stand.
  6. Warm up: 15 seconds to warm up saw. The event should start approximately 15 seconds after the warm up.
  7. The competitor starts the saw and rests it idling on the ground without the chain moving.
  8. The starting signal is: Timers ready, Competitors ready, 3-2-1-GO.
  9. Starting prior to GO will result in a disqualification.
  10. The competitor picks up the saw and must make the first cut a complete cut through the top of the log.
  11. Cut four discs which, when stacked on top of one another, will measure not more than 8” in height and no less than 4” in height.
  12. Cut a notch in the log not less than 3” wide and not less than half the diameter of the log in depth.
  13. Cut off a section of log not less than 12” long (the notch to be included in the section).
  14. Cut a ledge on the remaining piece, using 2 cuts.
  15. Stack the 4 discs and the 12” section on top of each other on the ledge.  The 4 discs must be placed on the bottom of the stack.
  16. The saw must be shut off or chain break applied and set safely on the ground before starting to stack. If not done so, this will result in a disqualification.
  17. When the stack is complete and the competitor is satisfied, he or she will throw their hands in the air and yell ‘TIME’. Time stops when contestant throws hand in air and has yelled ‘TIME’.
  18. The stack must stand and be stable for 3 seconds after the time as stopped. If the stack is not standing and stable it will result in a disqualification.
  19. Missing safety gear will result in the competitior not being able to start the event.