Event: Dry Land Log Burling

Core Pool Event Safety Code Green
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Dry Land Log Burling


Dry Land Log Birling

Core Pool Event / Safety Code Green

  1. This event will be a double knockout event.
  2. The log must be suspended 15-20cms (6-8 inches) off the ground and will be 40-50cms (16-20 inches) in diameter.
  3. The purpose of this event is to cause a fellow competitor to lose his/her balance on the log and fall off.
  4. Each competitor, through random draw, will be pitted against another competitor. The winner of each heat will advance to the next level.
  5. Each competitor must supply and wear a CSA approved birling helmet to be able to compete.
  6. At the judge's discretion, if the two competitors appear to leave the log at the same time, there will be a restart immediately.
  7. The starting procedure requires the log to be in a locked position until both competitors signal that they are ready to start. No body contact is allowed.
  8. Men will compete against men and women will compete against women. Scoring is based on the level to which competitors advance in this elimination style tournament. 
  9. Each competitor must wear a CSA approved helmet (hockey, baseball -  that extends down the back of the head to protect the base of the skull. (Helmets shall be supplied by the host).