General Rules

Updated October 2, 2018

Updated October 2, 2018 2018 CILA AGM

1.  The Canadian Intercollegiate Lumberjacking Association and the hosting College or University do not accept any responsibility for liabilities incurred before, during or after the competition. Safety equipment must be worn at all times when operating a power saw during the events and during the construction or preparation of events. Steel toe or other appropriate shin and foot protectors must be worn by each competitor for all chopping events. All speed chopping axes and throwing axes must have the heads pinned. It is the responsibility of all teams to review rules and ensure that all safety requirements are met for competition in each event.

2.  All C.I.L.A. sanctioned events must offer the following:

Four Core Team Events
Three Core Doubles Events
Six Core Singles Events
Host schools may only have one pool event per competition
NOTE: Each team member competes in 4 core team events, 1 core doubles event and 1 core singles event. There are 13 core events thus every team member competes equally.

3.  Official teams will consist of six competitors (six men, six women) plus an optional alternate (gender for gender) who may replace an injured teammate for the duration of the competition. Jack & Jill teams will consist of a minimum of 2 girls. The Head Judge must approve all replacements. All competitors must be enrolled as full time students as deemed by their respective Registrar's Office. No competitor may compete in C.I.L.A. sanctioned events if they have previously competed for 5 years in intercollegiate (post secondary) sport.

4.  Each competing school must provide its own equipment as outlined in each of the event rules, except for the following:

sawing stanchions
standing block stanchions
chain saws in events involving power saws
soapy water, can, matches, cedar for water boil event
belay system for the pole climbing event
appropriate crowd control barriers

5.  Each host and competitor must ensure the safety of spectators through compliance with event safety rules, safe transport and storage of equipment and ensuring equipment is not left unattended and/or accessible to the public.

6.  Teams earn points in each event according to their performance. The team with the highest point total will win its division (men, women). The raw data from each event will be adjusted to a 100 point maximum scale. Thus, the best score for each event will be assigned 100 points and lesser scores will be calculated proportionately. Where appropriate, times will be corrected based on log diameter.

7.  For competitions with round wood in an event, the variations in diameter of the wood for an event must be not greater than 5 centimeters (2 inches).

8.  Failure to comply with rules may result in disqualification from an event and/or the competition. The decision of the CILA Head Judge shall be final.

9.  Start times, positions and wood allocation will be determined by drawing numbers at the captain's meeting.

10.  In the event of injury/exhaustion or safety issues, any competitor could be required to withdraw from the event and receive medical attention at the judge's discretion regardless of the maximum time limit for each event.

11.  Host schools are responsible for removing bark from all chopping and sawing wood if wood is not squared.

12.  Host schools may provide a list of General Rules in order to comply with specific details regarding their respective competition.

13.  It is the responsibility of the competing teams to secure their chopping and sawing stanchions before the start of the event.

14.  During an event, if an infraction occurs, the event judge on site must allow the event to be completed in order for an official time to be registered. Upon attaining an official time, concerns (penalties and disqualifications) will be addressed. All protests must be made to the Head Judge within one hour of the infraction and made in writing. Only protests relating to one’s own team will be addressed by the Head Judge. The decision of the Head Judge shall be final and included in their C.I.L.A. filed competition report.

15.  The CILA Head Judges are empowered to interpret rules (where vagueness exists) and override event judges if concrete, event judge verified information or firsthand knowledge (saw the infraction) exists during the competition. The Head Judge must not discuss with Team Captains , other teams and their individual or team  performance,  or eligibility/scoring/performance in the competition.

16.  All times must be reported to the nearest hundred (00:00.00). For all diameter wood measurements, diameters must be taken to the tenth of a centimeter.

17.  An event has one official timer, identified to the competitor before the start. A back-up time will be kept and only used at the discretion of the event judge. No averages will be taken.

18.  If there is a dispute or discrepancy in an event that requires discussion with either the event judge or the Head Judge, it may only be done by the team captain in regard to their own team. Only the team captain may approach the official. A team cannot challenge results/performace of another team. The judge may give one warning if this rule is not followed in regard to the team captain speaking for their own team. . After a warning is issued, and disregarded, the judge has the power to disqualify from that event, the offending team/competitor(s). One team challenging a result by another team may be disqualified in that event.

19.  Coaches may meet before the awards to go over the scores. Schools have until Wednesday midnight following a competition to notify a host school/head judge regarding discrepancies in the final scores. Official results will be posted at www.cilawoodsmen.ca by the Thursday (or as soon as issues resolved/possible) following a competition.

20.  All concerns regarding a competition (judges, competition field, rules, etc.) may be addressed in writing to the C.I.L.A. VP of Programs to be reviewed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Teams with written concerns will be contacted as to the outcome from the AGM.

21.  Host schools will provide a Head Judge (representing C.I.L.A.), a Competition Field Manager (representing the host school), an announcer, and a scorekeeper.

22.  Any team trying to gain an unfair competitive advantage may be disqualified in that event by the Head Judge.

23.  The host must provide team captains/team coach a copy of the results after the awards ceremony. On Monday, results shall be emailed to teams through the coaches and CILA Reps, further reviewed and any challenges submitted in writing to the Host, Head Judge, and VP Programs by Wednesday noon.  Issues/concerns identified after the completion of the awards and by Wednesday noon shall be reviewed and with the approval of the VP Programs, results may be adjusted if the concerns are found to be legitimate. Final standings/results shall be posted on the CILA site on or before the Friday (earlier if no challenge is received) following the competition.

24.  In the case of a protest or challenge to an event judge ruling, video shall not be used in the process of deciding a final result unless taken by a non-biased third party – ie local TV camera personnel or professional videographer AND the Head Judge did not personally witness the event.  The challenge shall be heard by the Head Judge.  The video will only be used if the Head Judge did not witness the event. The decision of the Head Judge shall be final and included in their C.I.L.A. filed competition report.

25. In the event that a decision by the Head Judge is challenged,  a team through their CILA rep may protest to the CILA Executive with as much detail as possible (within the timelines stated for all protests), with statements, and rationale for the protest.  In most cases , the only avenue for a protest , must be based on the Head Judge not following CILA rules . 

26.  There shall be no consumption of alcohol by team contingents during the competition, after the competition and before/during the awards ceremony. Coaches must be responsible for their student-athletes and team staff at all times.

27. Inappropriate dress during a C.I.L.A sanctioned competition will result in a disqualification (no dresses or costumes).