Academic Eligibility Forms

This form certifies that the listed students meet C.I.L.A. eligibility requirements. Each school registering for a CILA sanctioned competition must complete an Academic Eligibility Form and submit it to the CILA Registry two weeks prior to the event. Forms must be typed to ensure the proper spelling of the athletes' names. Then email to CILA.

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Competition & Team Registration Forms

All schools must complete one form per team to register for a CILA sanctioned competition. The form must be typed and then submitted online.

CILA must recieve completed forms at least one week prior to the event. Teams not submitting registration forms will not be considered for CILA awards.

Please type all information on the Team Registration Form.

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Captain Evaluation Form

Team Captains are invited to complete this form following each competition. Please mail or send it via email to CILA.

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CILA Event Rules (PDF for printing)

CILA event rules compiled into a PDF to make printing easier. Updated September 2019

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