Event: Snowshoe Race

Core Pool Event Safety Code Green
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Snowshoe Race


  1. Snowshoes must be supplied by the competitor and must conform to the following regulations*:
    1. a minimum of 29.6 cms. (8 inches) wide
    2. a minimum of 63.5 cms. (25 inches) long 
  2. Competitors will be required to run a pre-determined course of approximately 2 kms. (1 1/5 miles) in the shortest time possible.
  3. Competitors will given signals to start at five minute intervals.
  4. Snowshoes may not be removed at any time during the race. In the event of a snowshoe coming off, it must be replaced immediately and be in place when crossing the finish line.
  5. Only judges and competitors will be allowed on the course.
  6. Scoring will be based on the time taken to complete the entire course and will be a percentage of the fastest time. 

*Note: No extra blocks may be added to make the snowshoes conform to specifications.