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Contact Information

Chris Ryan - Head Coach

1 College Way
Pembroke, Ontario
K8A 0C8

Phone: (613) 735-4700 ext. 2807
Fax: (613) 735-8092
email: Chris

Team Information


Algonquin College’s Student Association first started a loggersports Team in the mid 1980’s. At this time, the teams ranged from Men’s, Women’s and Jack and Jill.

Rob Cunningham, one of the team’s initial coaches, was instrumental in the development of the program and recruitment of team members. With a small budget and student body, Loggersports start up was a tremendous task. Equipment was old, but it had to do. The team made competition visits to Sault Ste. Marie, McGill University and Sir Sandford Fleming College.

In 1994, the team changed hands, and the team attended competitions in Sault Ste. Marie, at McGill, Sir Sandford Fleming, and Finger Lakes, New York.

In 1998 (to the present), the reigns of coaching were passed on to Chris Ryan. Chris brought a vast array of knowledge in forestry, logging, and competing at the college level.

A partnership with ECHO Canada was brought on board. Even with a small student body base and the fact that the Forestry Technician Program is one year, this did not phase in the recruitment. Algonquin brings greenhorn teams to all competitions every year. New ideas and more and more competition equipment is being used.

The team has attended competitions at McGill and Sir Sandford Fleming with the hope of next year going down east to UNB or NSAC. Algonquin became a non hosting member of CILA in 2002 and is today still contemplating hosting a competition.

In the past 25 years, Algonquin’s Teams have won various awards. 

Current Roster

Chainsaw / Quarter Split
Axe Throw / Quarter Split
Horizontal Chop / Single Busk
Vertical Chop
Horizontal Chop / Pole Climb
Vertical Chop